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1999. Percutaneous renal biopsy in children: survey of pediatric nephrologists in Japan. Pediatr Nephrol 13 (8):693-6. , A. Kenig, J. Buturovic Ponikvar, D. Ferluga, M. Avgustin Cavic, and R. B. Kenda. 2001. Real-time ultrasound-guided renal biopsy with a biopsy gun in children: safety and efficacy. Acta Paediatr 90 (12):1394-7. Lau, K. , G. L. Berg, and L. Butani. 2009. Financial implications of pediatric outpatient renal biopsies: a single-center experience. J Nephrol 22 (1):69-74. , R. Martin-Crespo Izquierdo, L.

Some centers provide intravenous hydration until patients are fully awake and able to drink. Most centers utilize acetaminophen for analgesia. Local standards often dictate post biopsy laboratory investigations or imaging studies. In our institution, biopsies are performed by nephrologists trained in renal sonography in the presence of an interventional radiologist who can immediately assist if there is some question or concern for an adverse event. As noted above, immediate post-biopsy images are also obtained by ultrasound to assess for hematoma formation and to provide a postbiopsy baseline.

The dermatotomy site is covered with a sterile dressing that may be removed the following day. This dressing is observed for any bleeding or drainage while it is in place. 5. Open renal biopsy in children Rarely, an open renal biopsy is appropriate in children. Common indications for open renal biopsy are listed in Table One. Some clinical scenarios where open biopsy is more common include when attempts at a percutaneous biopsy have failed, when a wedge resection is required for pathologic diagnosis, or when there is a bleeding disorder but the biopsy is paramount to treatment decisions.

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